The Friends of Winthrop Beach was formed to offer activities to bring people "back to the beach." We have sponsored free concerts, puppet shows, paddle boarding, campfires on the beach, tide pool exploration programs and more. 

This website will also offer information on the status of the DCR Winthrop Beach Renourishment Project which is designed to protect the neighborhood along the beach from flooding in future storm events.  The Renourishment effort successfully protected both the northern and southern end of the Shore Drive and much of Winthrop Beach's residential neighborhood from flooding.

 Construction on the new shade shelter and landscaped area at the Crest Avenue "green bars" is underway and a completion date is expected to be July 2018.

Movie Night will be August 18th at sunset at Winthrop Beach. 
Watch here for more information about this summer's events:
     "Life is a Beach Festival"
     Anti-litter campaign and decorating barrels for Winthrop Beach, Yirrell Beach, the Landing and Short Beach

Thanks to Save the Harbor for their generous support of the Friends of Winthrop Beach which made possible many free events on the beach in the past few years.  We look forward to a summer of great events.

Movie Night 2018 will be August 18.



Thanks to the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, DCRfor their support of our events.  Thanks to DCR Educator Matthew Nash who has offered Tidal Pool Exploration programs at Winthrop Beach in the summer, Nature Walks in the Fall and Winter Birding in the winter.  He also offers programs at Belle Isle Marsh and Revere Beach throughout the year.  Thanks to Sean Riley, the former Forest and Parks Supervisor at Belle Isle Marsh Reservation who also led educational programs on Winthrop Beach.  At this time there is no DCR supervisor on site.

Thanks to the Town of Winthrop for supporting our the Friends of Winthrop Beach.  Thanks to Town Manager Jim McKenna and the Police and Fire Departments.  
Thanks to everyone who has participated in our concerts, campfires, puppet shows, paddle boarding.  We hope to offer more free events on Winthrop Beach and to  partner with other groups to sponsor activities on Yirrell Beach, Revere Beach, Constitution Beach, Short Beach and Belle Isle Marsh.




Tidal Pool Exploration with DCR Educator Matthew Nash
Tidal Pool Exploration with DCR Educator Matthew Nash


Dave Cochrane at the "Five Sisters Swim"
August 3, 1995

Celebrating Winthrop Beach - Late Winter 2017